British Values Policy

At St Cleer School, we promote the British Values of democracy, rule of law, liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. 
The children wrote reports about what these values mean. Mrs Stoate led a series of assemblies on British Values, and we had a Poster Competition. The winners of the competition had their posters displayed in the School Hall.
Here is an exert from Tean Churchward's (Year 4) report:
"You may well ask, Why are British Values so important? And what are these Values?
Democracy means having your own vote and having a say in how Britain is run.
Rule of Law means keeping the laws of the land, decided by our elected members of parliament, to keep us all safe.
Liberty means you are free to choose (as long as you are not breaking the Law!) You can choose what you believe, or don't believe, what religion you might follow, or not follow, what you wear, what kind of job you would like.
Respect means you have to respect everyone and everything.
The Golden Rule is: Treat others as you want to be treated."
The children at St Cleer School understand that it is important to contribute to our local community.
The St Cleer Parish Council invited us to send our ideas for the Parish Plan. We made a video of our opinions on the development of our village which was shown at a meeting of the Parish Council.
Here are some of our thoughts, as written by Paige Udy (Year 4):
"Firstly, should move houses be built in St Cleer?
I think more houses should not be built because if there are more houses, all the wildlife would be cut off and plants would have less land. I know some people want to work and live here, but whatever is done should protect our beautiful world.
Next, what about road congestion?
Some elderly people have trouble getting out of their homes. I thought a bridge could be built with two ramps, so there won't be any more accidents.
What about play areas and facilities for young people?
We need more play space, but any play equipment must be used properly, and taken care of for a long time.
Finally, I would like to discuss the character of St Cleer village. St Cleer has a rural community spirit that I think should go on for generations. I think of it almost as a person, just one with ground, rocks and houses; take care of it!"
We value our Queen and Country; see our enjoyment of the Queen's 90th Birthday!