Settling into school and learning through play
The reception and preschool children have settled into school life amazingly well. The children have been developing their personal, social and emotional development in abundance. They have developed good friendships and settled into new routines. We are focusing on the ‘Characteristics of Learning’ in the EYFS, very much concentrating on how we are learning and not just what we are learning. What skills do the children need to be life-long effective learners? We encourage the children to have a ‘can do’ attitude, seek out challenges and initiating activities. We are providing opportunities for children to explore the world around them, engaging in open ended activities and allowing them to use their natural curiosity. We aim to develop their perseverance so they can persist with an activity when challenges occur. Our learning through play enables children to be responsible for their own learning and becoming independent learners. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying learning through play:
Forest fun
We love to learn outdoors in reception. Our forest area is the perfect space to learn about Autumn this term. We have been observing the changes in the season, identifying trees and looking for mini beasts. Here are some pictures of us identifying leaves, painting leaf monsters, making clay and stick creatures and using hammers to make natural leaf prints.