We aim to provide an exciting, broad and creative curriculum for every child at St Cleer School. All lessons are engaging, positive and exciting. The curriculum is well planned, differentiated and leads to progress in each and every lesson.

Parents and other members of the public are welcome to find out more by visiting the school and speaking with the Headteacher or Teaching Staff.

Our curriculum is based on the following principles of teaching and learning:

  • All lessons are to be well planned to motivate and challenge all children.

  • Lessons are engaging and develop children’s knowledge, skills or understanding to deepen learning. They will move learning on rapidly if secure.

  • We use skilful questioning techniques (for example: Higher Order/Open/ Closed).

  • Build in DIRT (Dedicated Independent Reflection Time) in lessons, and build on previous learning.

  • We ensure respectful relationships with all adults and children.

  • We ensure excellent subject and curriculum knowledge

  • Positive strategies and genuine praise are used to promote good behaviour for learning with vocabulary to encourage good attitudes to learning (Collaboration, Making Links, Absorption, Managing Distractions, Perseverance, Resourcefulness, Resilience, and Independence).

  • All staff have high expectations for all children and promote within the children high expectations.

  • Teachers pitch learning to cater for the needs of all pupils to ensure rapid progress with ensuring opportunity for development in basic skills.

  • Teaching staff assess learning throughout the lesson to ensure optimum progress from each child.

  • We deliver well- paced lessons with opportunity for balanced child talk and discussion. Avoid too much teacher talk and where possible use alternatives to ‘hands up.’

  • Staff ensure classroom and materials are organised to facilitate effective teaching and learning.

  • We make effective use of ICT to support learning.