Term Dates


Parents are requested to arrange their holidays to coincide with those of the school.



195 days are included in the school calendar. 
The school is open to pupils for 190 days.

There are five additional days allotted for In-Service Training (INSET days), and on these days the school is CLOSED to pupils.  

INSET DAYS 2018-2019
4th June 2018
5th June 2018
4th September 2018
29th October 2018
25th Feb 2019
3rd June 2019
4th June 2019


29th March                   Last day of Term

16th April                      First day of Summer Term

28th May-1st June        Half Term

4th & 5th June             School Closed for staff training

24th July                      Last day of Term

4th September             School Closed for staff training

5th September             First day of Autumn Term

22-26th October          Half Term

20th December             Last day of Term



7th January                   First day of spring term

18-22nd February          Half Term

25th February               School closed for staff training

5th April                        Last day of Term

23rd April                      First day of Summer Term

27-31st May                   Half Term

3rd June                        School closed for staff training

4th June                        School closed for staff training   

25th July                        Last day of Summer Term




Please do not book family holidays in term time.